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My first original game, notaso original anymore.

2009-02-01 19:14:35 by DashDingo

Well, I doubt anyone will read this, but I figured I'd talk in here anyway.

I just saw GlaielGamer's new game, Closure. The idea is that if the level isn't lit up, you fall through it.

I'm kinda pissed, as the concept was similar to mine. In my game, Galaton, you have to "paint" a path to a goal. If it wasn't painted, you'd fall through the level. You can see a video demonstration of it here, or actually play the game here (hold TAB in-game for controls, I suggest watching the video first to get an idea of how it works).

While my game is unfinished and everything, I'm still kinda pissed that when I release it now, people are going to compare it to Closure, though since Closure came out first, mine will be deemed unoriginal.

I'm not bitching at Tyler Glaiel or anything, I mean, I'm pretty pumped I came up with a similar concept to him - he's kind of a big deal and all. I'm just kinda disappointed that when I upload my first "big" game, it'll be considered a clone of Closure.

Oh well, nothin' I can do now.

My first original game, notaso original anymore.


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2009-02-01 20:11:15

>>Oh well, nothin' I can do now.

Sure you can, you can strive you make your game better or give it something unique to set it apart from Closure. Hell nothing's original anymore, so you've got to work with what you're given. Your game will be judged on how good it is, not whether it's similar to other people's work or not.